Summer Course THP IPB 2019

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Fish accounted for about one-fifth of world total supply of animal protein sources, and the quantity of fish consumption has increased five-fold. Every country in the world, especially in Asia has a unique processing method for making indigenous fish products. They have a unique taste, flavor and also nutrient composition.

Department of Aquatic Products Technology, IPB University will hold a summer course on the topic “Indigenous Fish Processing in Asia”, on July 15th-20th, 2019.


This Program cover:

Class session

  1. Fish resources and fisheries processing Industries
  2. Indigenous fish processing technology: a case of study at Asia countries
  3. Strategy to improve and enhance the indigenous fish products
  4. Diversification on utilization of by product fish processing industry
  5. Sustainability and Economic prospect of Indonesia Indigenous Fish Product

Fieldtrip session

  • Visiting Fisheries Industry
  • Practical work on indigenous fish processing products


  • Free of charge (excluding air transportation)
  • Certification of Participation
  • Credit Transfer (2 credits)
  • Free excursion at Cirebon & Kuningan City


  • Bogor (Darmaga campus of IPB University)
  • Indramayu (Indigenous Fisheries Products Industry)
  • Cirebon (Indigenous Fisheries Products Industry)


Free* for the 10  first application

For more information:

Dr.Eng Safrina Dyah Hardiningtyas

Mobile phone : +62-821-2405-2948

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