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Excellence in education and research

THP is a modern and innovative department that offers a choice of academic programs in applying science and technology of handling and characterizing raw materials, biotechnology, processing technology and development of environmentally friendly and sustainable aquatic industrial products that are relevant to market needs, with the aim of helping students succeed in their careers. their choices and use the knowledge they gain to address some of the greatest challenges of our time.

International Certified

Since 2016, THP has received AUN-QA certification as a guarantee of the quality of its education with international standards (with minimum regional standards, ASEAN).

Accredited A "Excellent" by BAN-PT

The THP Department has been accredited A for undergraduate and postgraduate programs with excellent educational quality.

Innovative Courses

The research of THP lecturers is always included in the list of 100+ most prospective research studies in Indonesia (Business Innovation Center (BIC) - Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education). In addition, THP students have become the most innovative students with the proposed Student Creativity Program (PKM) (the most in IPB) and are funded the most annually by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education since 2002.

Trendsetter in the Field of Aquatic Products Technology in Indonesia

THP IPB is one of the first fisheries processing technology departments in Indonesia, being a pioneer in the field of education, curriculum standards reference, technology development and fisheries industry in Indonesia, as well as continuously developing biotechnology and bioenergy products from marine products.

A Place for Outstanding Students

THP students play an active role in scientific activities and win various competitions including the National Student Scientific Week, Selection of Indonesian Teenagers Researchers and other prestigious National and International events.

Best Lecturer Quality

As many as 26% of lecturers are professors and 73% of lecturers have doctoral degrees (the number of professors is above the national average).

Most Prospective Graduates

In line with the Government's policy in developing Indonesia as a maritime country, the need for the fishing industry and related fields for THP graduates is increasing. Survey 2010-2015, the waiting period for THP graduates is 2.73 months with wide job opportunities and able to compete in the world of work, especially in the Indonesian Fisheries and Marine Industry. Every year, 26.2% of graduates are able to get scholarships to continue their postgraduate education at prestigious universities at home and abroad.